• July 04, 2023 /
  • Interior

Balcony Lighting Ideas to Elevate Your Space Instantly

The balcony in your home is the little corner where you can unwind and relax while enjoying the fresh air. And when it comes to elevating the feel and appearance of this space with lights, you need your imagination. Good lighting can make all the difference in converting your simple balcony into a cosy paradise. Think about the mood you want to evoke and experiment with different lights to understand what kind of special haven you can make for yourself! The balcony lighting ideas below can help you to a considerable extent:

Use Fairy Lanterns

To transform your party-entertainment balcony into a tranquil setting, use fairy lanterns. These offer durative and whimsical lighting that will bring magic to the surroundings. You can repurpose your used mason jars by filling them with LED tea lights and pasting a fairy’s silhouette cut-out on their walls. Next, you can add twigs and moss to the top of the lid. This simple DIY balcony decoration idea will add great charm to your comfortable space.

Drape String Lights above the Balcony

Look for a support system or ceiling above the balcony and hold up strong lights in different colours. You can attach the strings to the rafters or the ceiling and allow them to drape in a kind of curve over the balcony. This will give the small or large balcony a fabulous appearance, provided you use the string lights most creatively. You can even hand-string lights on the balcony walls or around the balcony perimeter for added appeal.

Table Lights

When lighting up your balcony, you must consider how your guests and family use the space. For instance, if you like to relax on your balcony after a hard day at the office with coffee and a book, you must probably get an end table and a beautiful lamp. The LED solar-powered table lamps will be an excellent choice to get rid of wires in the balcony. Go cordless with the lights and bring in the correct sights on your balcony.