• July 04, 2023 /
  • Interior

Small Dining Space Ideas

"I have a small dining space. How can I design it so that it doesn't look cluttered?", or "How can I fit a dining table into my small dining space?", we come across such questions quite often. So today we decided to give you guys tips and ideas on designing a small dining space. 

Using a small dining space is the most obvious solution in a small dining space, it might not always be the best. Thinking out of the box can get you much better solutions. For example, you might want to place the dining table in an unconventional place or in an unorthodox way.

Confused? Keep reading…

  • Breakfast counters are placed perpendicular to the wall, so that you can look and talk across them. When you don't have the required width to do that, you can place the counter along the wall instead and it makes a beautiful dining space. 
  • If you are struggling with dining space in your home, a simple shelf against the wall can be extremely convenient.
  • You could use a single wall in your living room as your dining area. You could place a console with stools against it. Use stools that fit under the console when not in use and your ‘dining table’ is packed away until the next meal.
  • If your dining area is small and you have a window available then placing your counter in front of the window makes a lovely dining space.
  • If you do want a table with seating so you can face each other, you can consider a small table for two. Add a pendant above the table and artwork on the wall, and you have a clearly defined dining area.
  • Just like with the dining counters, placing the table next to a window can make your dining area look bigger and more spacious.